AKTIOS is a consultancy that provides solutions to its clients, both in the field of strategy and business, outsourcing of business processes, the management of IT infrastructures and the development and maintenance of applications.


We aim to be the best travel companion for our customers. We seek long term relationships. The levers we use are sincerity, commitment and quality of service.


Obviously, a service company like ours, is not more than the sum of the contributions of people who are part of it. That is why our own team is so important to us, both from the perspective of human abilities, and from the analysis of professional skills. From there we start to build our position in the market.

Aktios Services

Aktios Consulting.

This area of the company aims to give our clients our knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, in different sectors and functional areas of the company. We can provide our expertise in:

  • Sectors: Tourism (retailers, wholesalers, receptive, online, hotels), air transport and food distribution.
  • Functional areas: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources and Information Systems.
  • e- Commerce.
  • Start-ups: We have a full support service for start- ups (newly set up companies).


Aktios IT Services.

This line of service has a strong technological character. We structure the offer of services in three main areas:

  • Technology Consulting. With services in the field of computer security, Software Quality, Audits, Project Management (PMO), infrastructure development (DevOps), etc.
  • Customized solutions. Custom development with different technologies, mainly Java/JEEx, C#/.Net and PHP. Application development for mobile devices: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Sharepoint based solutions. BPM solutions with platforms like AgilePoint and jBPM. Solutions of Business Intelligence and Reporting.
  • Management of IT infrastructures. Design, installation and maintenance of IT infrastructures: equipment for personal work, server infrastructure and communications.

Aktios Outsoucing Services.

From this line of business we offer our customers the ability to leave under our responsibility and experience some of their internal activities, allowing them to relax their continued attention to this activity, ensuring an adequate level of service (services related to an agreement about the level of service) and incorporating the experience of the AKTIOS team.

We offer outsourcing agreements in transversal functions to many companies, such as:

  • Accounting and Finances.
  • HR Management
  • Payroll.
  • Recruiting (selection process).
  • Management of IT infrastructure.
  • Service Desk.

Other services are more customized to a company, activity sector or specific situation. They are generally back-office processes, often intensive in hours/staff and likely to be outsourced, such as:

  • Digitization of commercial contracts and agreements for sale online in the tourism sector.
  • Operations management for online sales.
  • Digitization of orders, in sectors with very dispersed and not enough computerized distribution networks.

Aktios e-Commerce.

Currently, we work on this line under the “Carritus Technology”,  Carritus.com joint venture, to offer a combination of service and product, configured by software online store, created from Carritus.com experience, and full suite of services, where the experience of the team of Carritus adds up to the AKTIOS team, all of it well modularized, allowing us to offer our customers, from a solution to have an online store, to a full service, turn-keya, which lets you have an online store in record time, and maintain it with minimum of your own effort, taking care of everything, including operations.