The general evolution of the dynamics of the markets: their globalization, their constant changes, increasingly more frequent, the ability of competitors to adapt, and the growing importance of technology to successfully tackle the challenges that these dynamics present every day, it is required from the companies to have a maintenance and adaptation capabilities of fully industrialized systems.

Professionalized service, fast, agile, flexible, and also available at a lower price than the one offered by the competition.

With our Application Management Services (AMS-Application Management Service), we offer to our customers the possibility to have all these advantages in a simple and quick way.

The overall service includes multiple sub-services and its own governance model.

In each case, you can specify the scope of service, both in the included applications and in the subservices that should be considered, as well as the Agreement of the Service Level and temporal scope.

The methodology for the implementation of the service, from the initial stage to the return of serve, once the deal is completed, is also defined: