Clearly, creating an app continues to be a development of software. Therefore, the key factors that we handle are the same like in the generic case:

  • Pose the right solution.
  • Have a good factory software.
  • Understand the technology.

In this area, the main technologies we handle are:

  • Native iOS Development.
  • Native Android Development.
  • Native Windows Phone Development.
  • Development based on HTML5.
This type of mobile applications has had a strong presence at the municipal level, with the help of the concept of Smart City. Our offer in this area is not limited to the development of customized solutions for any area which you are usually working in, as mobility, transportation, public attention or waste management. We also have the City 24h solution with a range of services that can be an easy, fast, inexpensive and risk-free first step to begin the journey in the world of Smart City.
Of course, we apply these same capabilities to generate solutions in other sectors, such as tourism or aviation. As is the case of Vueling, where, besides having been working in other areas for years, we have also worked with them on developing of their app.

City 24h

With the app for iPhone and Android “City 24h” tourists and the citizens can access all the tourist, leisure, cultural, commercial and catering of the city information, as well as places of interest nearby.

  • The users will be able to:
  • Locate places of interest.
  • Apply filters.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Vote for places of interests.
  • Geo-locate themselves
  • Check out the best route on foot or by car to get from one place to another.
  • Consult promotions of merchants in the city.
  • Read QR codes.
  • Consult tourist routes.
  • Check the schedule of activities of the city.