From the Division of Consulting we provide our customers with the knowledge and accumulated experiences by AKTIOS team.

When you offer a consultancy business, your client is usually an expert in the field in which you want to be lean. Keeping this in mind is very important to us.

It makes us aware that what we can provide to our clients are the three things:

  • Ability to work
  • Ability to analyse
  • Knowledge and experience
 Additional work capacity. Its uniqueness is that it will be a focused, exclusively and uniquely, on the capacity challenge posed to us by our client. Unlike what sometimes happens to the client, when your workflow will not allow this focus.

Capacity for analysis. Enriched by the heterogeneity of the team, which forces the group to open up your field of vision.

Our own experience. It does not have to be neither better nor worse than that of our client, but yes, it will probably be different, which is what enriches the outcome. With the additional peculiarity that, for our professional activity, we are exposed to many different circumstances.

From the perspective of sectorial segmentation, our main accumulation of experience is in the tourism sector (retailers, wholesalers, receptive, online, hotels), air transport and food distribution.
From a functional perspective of segmentation, we provide valuable experience in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources and Information Systems.
Other activities that can be considered as transversal from the sectorial point of view, where we can add value to our clients are the e-commerce and the creation and development of start- ups.