Clearly, in order to be able to program, one needs to master the technology, this is why we talk about technology, but first we want to draw your attention to what, in our view, are the key factors for success in this type of project:

  • Firstly, the right solution should be posed, mainly from the functional perspective. It seems obvious, but it is not. To accomplish this, a prior skill is needed: to understand the problem well. With this, you have 70% of ensured success.
  • Secondly, work with appropriate methodologies and tools from the perspective of a software factory.
  • Finally, knowledge of languages ​​and specific technical elements of each project.
Speaking of web solutions, the most common technologies we work with are:

  • Java/JEE6.
  • C # /. Net
  • PHP. Usually with frameworks like Zend or Symfony.
  • Sharepoint.

If we talk about BPM (Business Process Management) approaches, we often work with platforms like AgilePoint, for SharePoint contexts, or jBPM, for JEE6 contexts. Although we have also worked with solutions such as TIBCO, Webmethods or Oracle.

Speaking of apps and mobile solutions, we create solutions:

  • Native iOS.
  • Native Android.
  • HTML5.

Conceptual view of a generic solution

Today, on a blank paper, a solution to generic measure should meet the following characteristics:

  • You should use the concept of The Portal to offer all the tools to the user he/she might need in one context, the scope of a “cick” and with the highest level of integration possible.
  • You should offer the possibility to access tools and content through mobile devices.
  • You can reach to combine Processes, traditional applications, content management, publishing and analysis of management information and control and collaboration tools and work in group.