Making of a pair of shoes can be a personal and artisanal process. To make a pair each day is likely to require the involvement of more than one person and a certain level of organization of work. To make 10,000 pairs a day, change models twice a year and also have everything under control, you need a factory … and a well-organized one.

The same applies to programming: you need a software factory.

You will need methodology, procedures, quality control and an infrastructure that provides the efficiency needed to make the whole set feasible.

The specific solution you could need requires a study of your particular circumstances:

  • It is not the same thing to have many programmers or to have few of them. Organized into one group or many. Working on a single project or many. With varying level of integration and overlap between them…
  • It’s not the same to develop critical systems as to develop the non-critical ones.
  • It’s not the same to work with one technology as to work with another.
  • It’s not the same to develop solutions for oneself as to develop and evolve a product for which you have multiple clients and facilities.

We can discuss your circumstances with you to define your solution together and help you implement it.

To facilitate this last part, we have an operating reference model with established procedures and with already integrated specific products.