SharePoint is a powerful platform at disposal of corporations. To achieve the best performance, a good implementation, both in its definition and in its execution, and ongoing support, depending on the needs of each organization, is required.
Commissioning / Integration

We have a team of experts with experience in multiple integration projects and consulting, with over 10 years of proven experience.

Customizing of SharePoint

We offer our customers what they really need, customizing the design.
Our model involves both BackOffice and FrontOffice of our customers, giving users an intuitive tool with an easy interaction with the platform.

ECM Enterprise Content Management
We help you improve content management, centralize, locate and standardize records, documents, presentations and all kinds of corporate data, accumulated year after year. We give you the opportunity to achieve an efficient and effective organization of knowledge of your enterprise.

Business Process and Workflow

We optimize business processes of your company, for greater efficiency and profitability.
We help you create and implement processes.

Extranet and Intranet

We help you improve the outside window for your customers, suppliers and partners.
We provide solutions to generate any kind of website and design, with a unique structure that allows an easy management.

Excel Services

We help you understand and benefit from the services of Excel in your business. Excel Services includes Excel Calculation Services, Microsoft Excel Web Access and Excel Web Services.

Business Intelligence

The constant market changes and fluctuations, are required to have the instantaneous, up-t-date information, so that we can make decisions in real time.
With business intelligence solutions for SharePoint, you can make those decisions with more informed management at all levels.


We offer different models of training, from presence training in specialized training centres to InCompany formations.
We define the right training plan in line with your needs and business processes.

The perfect complement to Office 365 for your business
The intranet AKTIOS: 365 encourages and facilitates the creation of corporate sites that improve internal communication, productivity and document management.

Our goal is to provide your organization with:

A quick solution

A customizable solution.

A collaborative solution.

An economical solution.

Based on two premises:

Intuitive tool.

Efficient tool.

The advantages you would get with this product:

A single tool. You will use all of its features. No need for other complementary tools.

Economic. It’s a simple proposal, you will need minimum investment.

Availability of Infinity of APPs, offered in Store O365.

Satisfaction of your employees. They will have access to corporate information of the company avoiding waste of time.

Your employees will share and obtain information anywhere and anytime.

Publication of business processes. From the intranet itself, you may request vacation, request IT support, etc.