For companies starting their business, we have set up a deal of services which are completed, but tailored to the needs of the company.

Our approach is to offer, right from the start, the services necessary to initiate operations of the company, without incurring investments whose return would not occur until your turnover exceeds certain thresholds.

With our approach, “Plug and Play”, all this is possible.

We have:

  • Consulting capabilities to assist in the definition of the initial processes.
  • Already configured and easily customizable processes.
  • ERP Platform in SaaS mode.
  • Short implementation period and low effort from the client.
  • Experience and skills in service delivery.
Our approach aims not only to operate the initial services, but also to accompany new companies in their journey towards growth and success.

In this sense, AKTIOS is able to offer services that the company will require as it grows. The provision of services offers a permanent connection to the knowledge and experience of our professionals, who will be offered proactively as needs and job opportunities start emerging.

This approach makes it possible to carry out our concept “Pay as we Grow together” because we are able to scale our services, the platform, as well as expand services, depending on the volume of operations, functional requirements and technical requirements of our customers.