At Aktios, our unwavering commitment extends to regulatory adherence, ethical practices, transparency, equality, sustainability, and operational efficiency in our interactions with both our valued personnel and external stakeholders.

Our Whistleblowing Channel is a testament to these values, providing a platform for anyone to report actions that contravene regulations or serious administrative infractions within their knowledge. Concerns, dissatisfactions, or issues lacking significance in severe legal or administrative realms are explicitly excluded from this channel.


The Whistleblowing Channel ensures secure, confidential, and anonymous communication through a digital platform, enabling informants to maintain contact with the organization while safeguarding their identity. A dedicated procedure and committee have been established to adeptly oversee this channel.


Information conveyed through the Whistleblowing Channel will be processed solely for the purpose of analyzing, detecting, reporting, and, if necessary, preempting potentially unlawful conduct.

How to submit a report?
Ensure received notifications encompass all necessary data for a thorough analysis and effective management:
/ 01
Provide a specific and detailed account of the facts.
/ 02
Identify the individual(s) implicated in or knowledgeable about the reported incident and specify the date of occurrence or ongoing duration of the reported incident.
/ 03
Optionally, include relevant documents, files, or additional information deemed pertinent for case evaluation and resolution.

For the most effective case management, ensure the provided information is as specific and comprehensive as possible.


Use the provided link to submit your notification:

Follow-up on the notification

To track the progress of your report, simply enter the code generated during the notification process. Your commitment to upholding our shared values is truly commendable.