Your first line of digital defense
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We effectively combat threats that originate from both inside and outside your company.

We add security everywhere, so your business can thrive anywhere without threats.

We work with you to protect your business. We offer different services aimed at business security. We work with the latest methods to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

We align your security strategy with your business. We integrate the solutions you need to protect your visitors, assets and digital data. We implement the technology to protect you and assist you in the management and ongoing maintenance of your security.

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This is how we protect you

We partner with your business to ensure the safety and security your company.

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Ethical hacking

We audit your systems to find security weaknesses. We follow the same strategies and tools of a malicious attacker to create a breach. Thus, we are able to find the security weaknesses of your systems.

We use the OWASP and MITRE frameworks, as a knowledge base and behavioral model of cyber-attacks, to operate within networks and systems.

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Threat intelligence

We identify and analyse your cyber threats. We collect, process and analyse all your data to better understand threats, detect problems and implement targeted solutions.

It is a fundamental part of any cybersecurity ecosystem. It helps prevent data loss, provides guidance on security measures and keeps you abreast of hacker practices, which are getting smarter all the time.

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Secure development

We take care of supervising the development of software and applications betting on security from the beginning.

We perform penetration tests, review the code and analyse the architecture so that they are an integral part of the development effort.

We help you protect your software from threats throughout the development lifecycle.

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Consulting and government

We define the strategy and roadmap for your company to grow towards security maturity.

We approach cybersecurity through the different layers of your company: devices, networks, data, cloud infrastructures, etc. We train people in security best practices.

Empower your teams to develop their work in a secure way.

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In-company training

We take care of your company's security culture. We keep both the specific personnel in the cybersecurity area and the rest of the team up to date.

Our goal is that everyone in your company maintains a security posture in accordance with the existing risk landscape.

Cybersecurity is a company-wide issue.

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Managed security

We manage your security infrastructure externally. Our team is responsible for the monitoring, management, control and support of this infrastructure.

We incorporate the main technologies in networks, systems and information; to optimise your investments in technology and reduce costs. We adapt to your requirements and keep monitoring the real risk of your organisation.